Associate Director for Volunteer Resource Management, Ismaili Volunteers

  • British Columbia
  • Ismaili Volunteers (IV) British Columbia
  • Listing expires on Thursday, 13 August 2020 at 15:32 (UTC)

We're sorry, this position has expired. We're sure there are other opportunities for you to volunteer your time!

About the Program
Role Description/Purpose:   
The Associate Director for Volunteer Resource Management (AD for VRM) will be responsible for the operationalization of the process of recruitment of volunteers through VMS and OTS.  The Volunteer Life Cycle includes: Needs Assessment, Recruitment, Placement & Orientation, Training, Recognition and Off-Boarding. In addition, the AD will be championing the use of VMS (for large scale events) and OTS for the volunteer life cycle specifically the recruitment, placement (deployment) and screening of volunteers. They will be the main trainer and support for the HR Liaisons who are working directly with the boards and portfolio.  Ensuring that the National Ismaili Volunteer Policies and TKN Policies are adhered to in supporting the volunteers and the institution through their relationship with the National Volunteer Resource Management Associate Director for Volunteer Resources & TKN. In essence, to strengthen and protect institutional capacity through human talent.   It is imperative that this key position is filled by an individual who exhibits high standards of voluntary work ethics, exemplifies the Ismaili Volunteer values and leads by fostering an environment of trust and collaboration with the committee members and members on the board. They will be required to understand and adhere to the TKN National policies through their relationship with the National Associate director of TKN.   Associate Director for Volunteer Resource Management contributes to the success of the Institutional team and creates a rewarding and fulfilling volunteer experience for the Murid and institution.   

Primary responsibilities or tasks:   
Based upon the specific needs of the Board or Portfolio (the Jamat, the volunteers and the leadership) additions may be made. Reports directly to the Director for Volunteer Resource Management & TKN and indirectly to the Member for Ismaili Volunteers Must have awareness and working knowledge of the polices pertaining to Volunteer Life Cycle including recruitment, screening, orientation, training & development and off-boarding including database use for OTS, VMS and TKN  Liaise with the Associate Director for TKN to ensure that OTS and TKN are being used hand In hand by HR Liaisons. Maintains a strong communication plan with updates and changes to OTS (i.e. meetings, phone, email) with the Team Develops HR Plans in conjunctions with boards and portfolios and support the HR Liaison with event recruitment strategies Other related duties include supporting any large scale events through deployment and recruitment Liaise with HR Liaisons for Police Checks and ensures Volunteer Screening within the region adheres to the National Policy & National Risk Matrix Other related duties may be added as required

About the Role
Time Commitments  
Minimum 5-10 hours per week or more  

Required Training:
Event Planning (per region) Communications Portal training  Volunteer Screening Process   | Communications training Volunteer Life Cycle processes and templates VMS OTS TKN Process 

Directly reports to the Ismaili Volunteers Director of VRM & TKN

OTS is fully rolled out and used as the primary recruitment platform within the region Volunteer Screening is well maintained with 95% of High Risk and Medium Risk In Service Volunteers screened HR Liaisons are fully trained on OTS and the Volunteer Life Cycle

Success Measures  
The Ismaili Volunteers are very competent and highly engaged leaders in contributing time and knowledge toward improving the quality of life of the community in which they live     
About You
Effective leadership, communication and time-management skills Very good interpersonal skills to deal with various levels of Volunteers, Jamat and Leadership Demonstrates high level of discretion, transparency, sensitivity, and compassion in dealing with Volunteers and murids Ability to organize, multi-task and to work well under pressure with agility under tight deadlines   Ability to remain calm and adapt to last minute changes Ability to organize and manage training requests 
Time Commitment
  • 5 hours/week
  • 30 June 2020 to 13 December 2020