TKN Coordinator - Edmonton for Ismaili Volunteers

  • Edmonton
  • Ismaili Volunteers (IV) Edmonton
  • Listing expires on Sunday, 2 August 2020 at 21:30 (UTC)

We're sorry, this position has expired. We're sure there are other opportunities for you to volunteer your time!

About the Program
Time and Knowledge Nazrana (TKN) represents a combination of two cherished Ismaili traditions: (i) submitting to the Imam of the time an unconditional Nazrana (gift) in commemorating epochal events, as a gesture of love and homage, and (ii) offering one’s intellectual capacity to assist the Imamat’s efforts for the progress of the Jamat, and the communities within which the Jamat lives. The tradition of offering Nazrana also serves to reinforce the ethic of giving for human development and improvement of quality of life for the less fortunate. The contribution of time and knowledge in the service of the Imamat is a tradition that dates back to the earliest period of Shia Islam.
About the Role
  • Reports to the Associate Director, TKN for the Edmonton Region    
  • Works closely with the host institute Members on Council, Board Chairs and HRLs   
  • Supports all TKN program initiatives within the Host Institution from concept identification to Murid placement and program implementation ·    
  • Supports the  TKN program initiative implementation plan ·  
  •  Responsible for ensuring the complete development of Terms of Reference (TOR) for each TKN program initiative for the Host Institution 
  • Work with the Host Institution Chair, HRL and the TKN NIT to: 
    • Conceive the Program
    • Create the Terms of Reference 
    • Select appropriate Murids for each phase of the program implementation
    •  Monitor the progress of the program
    •  Close the Assignment    
    •  Create a supportive and empowering environment within which Murids can serve and ensure that the Murid has a positive experience 
    • Ensure that the outcomes of the TKN program initiatives match the objectives of the program as laid out in the TOR
    • Adhere to the standards and practices defined by the NIT as it pertains to recruitment for TKN program initiatives and reporting 
    •  Maintains the Volunteer Tracker
About You
We are looking for:
  •  Undergraduate with Min. 2 yrs Professional Experience (must have Min. 1 yrs Institutional Experience)    
  •  Basic Computer Skills (MS Office) 
  •  Excellent Communication skills 
  •  Good relationship management skills 
  •  Analytical Skills would be an asset
Time Commitment
  • 10 hours/week
  • 11 July 2020 to 12 December 2020