Vice Lead, Performance Measurement and Evaluations for ITREB Canada, National Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Office

  • Canada
  • ITREB Canada
  • Listing expires on Friday, 23 October 2020 at 16:07 (UTC)

We're sorry, this position has expired. We're sure there are other opportunities for you to volunteer your time!

About the Program
The National M&E Office ensures that all programs delivered by ITREB Canada are supported by robust planning and evaluation strategies to ensure that impacts of  programming on the Jamat are monitored and continuous quality improvement occurs.  The M&E Office structure and functions includes the following: 1) Performance Measurement and Evaluations; 2) Analysis and Reporting: 3) Data Integrity; 4) M&E Strategy Leads for  Batiul-Ilm and Adult Education.  The M&E member responsible for the M&E Office on ITREB Canada ensures that effective decisions are made by the ITREB Board, Conveners and Head Staff through use of data as well as evaluation outputs and outcomes.

About the Role
  • Responsible for designing and implementing program planning tools and evaluation methodologies for current and new ITREB programs and strategies
  • Ability to utilize logic model and other relevant tools to define program goals, objectives and desired outcomes and success criteria
  • Skills in designing quantitative and qualitative survey tools and focus groups methods
  • Ability in analyzing survey and focus group data to identify trends and key themes
  • Skills in preparing reports and presentations on evaluation findings
  • Links evaluation data to relevant key performance indicators for Baitul-Ilm and Adult Education Dashboards for ITREB Canada
  • Supports evaluation with partner Boards and Portfolios of the National Council on programs or platforms that are common to ITREB and Council 
  • Experience and knowledge of the education field is considered an asset
About You
  • Analytical skills
  • Program planning, implementation and evaluation experience
  • Forming partnerships and collaboration to effectively support ITREB Canada Board Members, Conveners, and Head Staff in evaluation initiatives
  • Effective written and verbal communication
  • Leadership skills
  • We are open to having recent graduates of Masters programs which focus on evaluation and analysis to join our team to seek practical experience

Time Commitment
  • 3 hours/week
  • 19 October 2020 to 4 December 2021