SEED Facilitator for Headquarters Ottawa and Kingston Jamatkhanas for SEED (Supportive Environments and Experiences for Development)

  • Ottawa
  • Education Board Ottawa
  • Listing expires on Sunday, 14 March 2021 at 11:54 (UTC)

We're sorry, this position has expired. We're sure there are other opportunities for you to volunteer your time!

About the Program
SEED, which stands for Supportive Environments and Experiences for Development, is an early childhood development program for Ismaili children from birth to 3 years of age and their parents/caregivers. Families attend weekly sessions where they engage in small group discussions with other parents and caregivers of young children that are facilitated by trained facilitators.
 SEED is an opportunity for parents and caregivers to exchange parenting knowledge and experiences, to engage in interactive activities with children in a social environment, to access resources and information geared specifically to the developmental age of their child(ren), to meet other parents and families, to build friendships and support networks, and to share ideas on how to instil Shia Ismaili Muslim values in our children from the earliest years of life. 
About the Role
- Attend weekly SEED sessions throughout the year at a specified SEED location of your choice. Of note, the SEED calendar follows the academic calendar, and sessions are not held over holidays/long-weekends.
- Engage with a small group of families (children and their parents/grand-parents/caregivers) in hour-long interactive sessions which focus on experience-based childhood development and include music, movement, the practice of fine and gross motor skills, etc.
- Attend training to learn the SEED curriculum.
   - Become familiar with the SEED curriculum.
   - Engage in at least 4 PD sessions throughout the year.
- Exchange ideas and feedback with fellow SEED facilitators and SEED Centre Manager to continuously improve program delivery at the centre.
About You
  • Ability to communicate and facilitate effectively
  • Ability to manage a small group of parents and children between the ages of birth and 3 years
  • Committed, organized and responsible 

Time Commitment
  • 2 hours/week
  • 17 September 2020 to 11 July 2021