Education Team Lead Facilitator for Diversity & Inclusion

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  • Listing expires on Friday, 16 April 2021 at 00:47 (UTC)
About the Program
The National Diversity & Inclusion Portfolio falls within the Ismaili Council for Canada.  This new portfolio was created in July 2019 and is led by a member of the Council for Canada.  The portfolio is comprised of national members and regional members, the latter of whom sit on the Ismaili Councils in the 6 regions. 
The Diversity & Inclusion portfolio seeks to: 
  1. Mobilize, support, and advise the Ismaili institutions on diversity, inclusion and equity and to promote inclusive and equitable community-wide practices that both reflect the diversities in the Jamat and uphold the principles of pluralism. 
  2. Strengthen, nurture and promote the Jamat’s engagement with the ethics of pluralism to foster greater equity and inclusion and to enhance the quality of life of the Jamat. 
The Diversity & Inclusion National Education Team has been delivering education sessions since June 2020 to leadership and Jamati facing volunteers and has provided the opportunity for new learnings and discussions through interactive Zoom-based sessions.   

The team is growing and evolving, as the demand for these sessions is increasing.  The team is seeking interested, motivated volunteers to support the team as Lead Facilitators.  Ideally, Lead Facilitators will have subject matter expertise in social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. 

The Lead Facilitators will be key players in ensuring that the team is able to meet its objectives.  This will include supporting communication, content development and evaluation.  The Lead Facilitators will be experts in creating and maintaining a learning environment where all participants are treated with respect.  Facilitators will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for participants to engage and contribute their perspective. They will be able to support participants with empathy, compassion and support as needed. 
About the Role
The Lead Facilitator role will have expertise in developing and refining the content for  diversity and inclusion education sessions and facilitate these sessions.  The Facilitators will have excellent communication and leadership skills. The Facilitator will also mentor and train facilitators and contribute their expertise as appropriate. They will be responsible for evaluating the education sessions for leadership and volunteers. The Lead Facilitator will attend weekly education team meeting and liaise with facilitators, moderators and project manager, as required.  

Lead Facilitator commitment will vary.  Lead Facilitators can expect to: 
  • observe 1-2 education sessions delivered virtually (to support understanding and learning) 
  • facilitate to 2-3 education sessions a month  
  • attend weekly education team meeting 
  • Works with Diversity & Inclusion Education Team to develop and refine education sessions for leadership and Jamati facing volunteers.
About You
Professional Competencies:
  • Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders on diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity 
  • Comfort and expertise in delivering sessions on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other virtual platforms 
  • Experience facilitating dynamic sessions with small to larger groups
  • Knowledge of facilitation techniques and activities that enliven training sessions and engage participants 
  • Comfort in articulating concepts of equity and inclusion 
  • Awareness of Jamati context 
  • Strong leadership and communication skills 
  • Able to gauge and read audience for cues that support a comfortable educational environment 
  • Ability to engage with empathy and vulnerability to connect with participants 
  • Institutional experience would be preferred but not mandatory 
  • Ability to deliver training in multiple languages (i.e. French, Farsi etc.) 
Time Commitment
  • 8 hours/week
  • 12 March 2021 to 11 July 2022


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